Welcome to «Sweetarmonia»

«Sweetarmonia» as our name implies we are passionate about bringing to you raw, natural and living sweets and desserts (plus raw snacks) – positively bursting with life force energy in harmony with your body. All the natural flavours maintain their integrity as no heating is used and the result is a taste sensation that is out of this world. Enjoy!
Your one-stop choice for Raw vegan food in Greece

We cater for all your raw food needs in Laconia (southern Peloponnese) with a variety of meals that will be delivered at no extra cost to your lodgings incl hotels.

We have special greek raw food dishes and traditional sweets for your dessert – all raw vegan.

please give us a call or email us at least 3 days prior to your arrival in order to arrange our menu according to your needs.

Enjoy your raw food stay in Greece!


6 responses to “Sweetarmonia

  1. We are staying in Athens 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May 2011 and would like to see your menu, please.

    Είμαστε διαμένουν στην Αθήνα 21, 22 και 23 Μαΐου του 2011 και θα ήθελα να δω το μενού σας, παρακαλώ.

  2. I am staying in Athens from Aug 8-14, and would like to receive your menu please. I am interested in food delivery to my hotel.

  3. Hi!

    I´m staying in Athens for some days in August, could I get your menu for delivering in my hotel?


  4. Hi,

    We are staying in Athens from May 26 to 30th. Do you deliver food in Athens?




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